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VICKY Heart Bowknot Soft Sole Shoes White (0-18M)

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Baby soft sole fabric shoes with Hearts details in embroidery and the sole, and a bow knot.

Easy to slip on with velcro opening, this pair is great as crib shoes or as first walkers when the little one takes its first step.

Also, the perfect pair of accessories for the little one to complete their chic look from head to toe. 


 Age Suggestions Outsole Length Insole Length Insole Width
0-6 Months 11cm/4.33 inch 10.5cm/4.13 inch 5.6cm/2.20 inch
6-12 Months 12cm/4.72 inch 11.5cm/4.52 inch 5.8cm/2.28 inch
12-18 Months 13cm/5.12 inch 12.5cm/4.92 inch 6.0cm/2.36 inch

Please always choose based on measurements and not age suggestions (different baby may have different size at same age)

Find out more in Sizing Chart

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