"SWAG" Sleeveless T-Shirt and Grid Pants Set

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"SWAG" Printed on the black sleeveless tank top, and paired with a Grid Pattern Short pants.

It is so full of SWAG, that no further description is necessary, look at how cute the little one can be in these. 

Materials: Cotton Blend

Age Tops Length Chest*2 Pants Length
12M 34.5 cm 26.5 cm 26.5 cm
2T 36.5 cm 28.0 cm 28.0 cm
3T 38.5 cm 29.5 cm 29.5 cm
4T 40.5 cm 31.0 cm 31.0 cm
5T 42.5 cm 33.5 cm 33.5 cm

Please always choose based on measurements and not age suggestions (different child may have different size at same age)

Find out more in Sizing Chart

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