PIPER Strappy Pineapple Long Jumper

PIPER Strappy Pineapple Long Jumper

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 "Be like a Pineapple: Wear a Crown, Stand Tall, and Be Sweet Inside" 

 All-over print of pineapples on the strappy long bodysuit romper; easily adjustable length to add a couple more wear for the fast-growing little one. 

Simple but fresh design.  


Material: Cotton Polyester

Age Length Chest*2
0-6 Months
50 cm
25 cm
6-12 Months
52 cm
26 cm
12-18 Months
54 cm
27 cm
18-24 Months
56 cm
28 cm

Please always choose based on measurements and not age suggestions (different child may have different size at same age)

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