"Saurus" Family Matching Dinosaur Graphic Tee (1pc)

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 The Dinosaur Family matching outfits for daddy, mommy and mini. 

"Daddy Saurus", "Mommy Saurus" and "Mini Saurus" will be unstoppable, let's hear them roar...



Price is for 1pc. To buy a matching set, MUST add all adult's and kid's size to cart:

Choose Kid's Size > Add to Cart > Back to Product Page > Choose Mom's Size > Add to Cart > (repeat for all desired adult's or kid's size) > Checkout All


Materials: Cotton Blend

Please choose based on measurement, Find out more in Sizing Chart

 Kids Size Length Chest*2
12M 33 cm 24 cm
24M 36 cm 26 cm
3T 39 cm 28 cm
4T 42 cm 30 cm


Mommy Size Length Bust*2
S 62 cm 43 cm
M 63 cm 45 cm
L 64 cm 47 cm
XL 65 cm 49 cm


Daddy Size Length Bust*2
S 68 cm 53 cm
M 70 cm 55 cm
L 72 cm 57 cm
XL 74 cm

59 cm

XXL 76 cm 61 cm


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