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Super Family Mom T-Shirt, Kids T-Shirt and Baby Bodysuit (1pc)

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 The SUPER Family, matching outfits. mommy & me; mama & mini

"Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Tired" for the almighty mama

"Super Big, Super Loud, Super Kid" for the big brothers and sisters from 1-4 Years Old. 

"Super Tiny, Super Cute, Super Baby" for the tiny little ones from 0-18 Months.


To buy a matching set, MUST add both mom's and kid's size to cart:

Choose Kid's Size > Add to Cart > Back to Product Page > Choose Mom's Size > Add to Cart > (repeat for all desired kid's or baby's size) > Checkout All


Materials: Cotton Blend

Please choose based on measurement, Find out more in Sizing Chart

 Baby Size Length Sleeves Chest*2
6M 39.0 cm 10.5 cm 24 cm
9M 41.5 cm 11.0 cm 25 cm
12M 44.0 cm 11.0 cm 26 cm
18M 46.5 cm 11.5 cm 27 cm


 Kid Size Length Sleeves Chest*2
1T 39.0 cm 10.5 cm 29 cm
2T 43.0 cm 11.0 cm 31 cm
3T 46.5 cm 11.0 cm 34 cm
4T 49.0 cm 11.5 cm 35 cm


Mom Size Length  Sleeves Bust*2
S 61.0 cm 14.0 cm 40 cm
M 61.5 cm 15.0 cm 44 cm
L 62.0 cm 16.0 cm 46 cm
XL 62.0 cm 16.5 cm

49 cm


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